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Make A Difference
in 2017

Where You Will
Be Making A
Positive Change
and Discovering
The Opportunities
That Are There For You
To Embrace All around you

BRISBANE. Queensland

Saturday 9th
Sunday 10th

8.30am till 6.00pm

Improve Your Life and Master Your Destiny

Not Achieving Your Goals?

Feeling Depressed and not being able to get out of it?

Having days of loneliness?

knowing you are not getting out of life what you want?

Questioning what it is that you are missing out on at work or personally

Having thoughts of self harming?

Feeling frustrated in your life

Confused about where you are heading?

Are you finding it difficult to cope at work or home?

Is someone in your life zapping your energy?

Is your self esteem or confidence at an all tinme low?

Are you feeling emotionally drained or tired?

Has your relationship lost its spark?

Are you a confused parent - not knowing how to understand your children?

or are you wanting to grow and develop more personally?


Make 2017 The Year YOU Make the Difference

Turn 2017 Into the Year Where You Make A Positive Change
and Discover The Opportunities That Are All around you

Are you Ready to begin converting your Stress into Success?

Overcoming your health challenges and achieving Good Health and wellbeing?

Begin creating more energy and motivation?

Start turning your relationships into engaging in fun and laughter?

Becoming motivated to explore new and exciting opportunities?


'The KEY to Designing Your Destiny'®™

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