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Lorna Bukkland works with many high level executives, industry and business leaders and business owners to assist them to succeed in their endeavours through confident, purposeful, engaging and successful communication.

Mastering the art and language of communication is a skill and only those who truly embrace and practice effective communication experience greater rewards both in their personal and professional life.

Lorna works with many executives and business owners on a regular basis to assist them with development of intuitive, insightful and charismatic communication capabilities. Improved skills in this sphere enable business people to excel in their endeavours by creating improved rapport with stakeholders, better reading and understanding of non verbal gestures, sensitivities and the actions of others and being able to express ones self clearly, confidently and with conviction in a way that takes people with them and engages with them.

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We wanted a speaker who could motivate and engage a group of people who had encountered the most challenging period in the their working life. Lorna not only engaged the group, but was able to communicate a number of key messages that inspired attendees and lifted the feel of the entire conference.