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Lorna is celebrating 25 years of good health,
since being diagnosed with cervical cancer in 1981.
Lorna and Jon, having overcome many Health and Personal challenges in their own lives,
have been and are totally committed in discovering and finding different ways of
supporting their clients being able to live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Lorna is a
Certified Trainer and Workplace Assessor
Certificate 1V, University of Victoria in 1998
International NLP/Neurosemantics Trainer (NSTT)
Whole Brain Thinking Facilitator Practitioner
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner
Master Practitioner of NLP

Member NLP Association of America

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
Member of Time Line Therapy™ Association of America
Master Hypnotherapist
Certified Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
Certified Practitioner of Meta States™
Certified Meta States™Coach (ACMC)
Image and Style Consultant (30years)
Personal Life Coach
Effective Communication Coach
Stuttering Coach
Relationships Coaching



Lorna's husband, Jon Vitetta is an Engineer, with a degree in Mechanical engineering.
He coaches engineers, assists at and co-trains, seminars and workshops.
Jon and Lorna have trained together on their own journey.

Jon is a
Certified Meta States™Coach (ACMC)
Life Skills Coach
Engineering Coach
Advanced Communications skills coach
Master Practitioner of NLP
Member NLP Association of America

Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
Member of Time Line Therapy™ Association of America
Master Hypnotist
Certified Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
Certified Practitioner of Meta States™


Lorna, having experienced mental, Verbal and physical abuse, multiple failed pregnancies, failed marriage, cervical cancer and arthritis,
knew there had to be a better way of living her life. Together with Jon, they began a journey of discovering many exciting new understandings about how the mind and body work so well, or unwell together, that it is the self that has to get the balance right to be able to live their life, the way in which many of those they had trained with, had chosen.

As We STEP INSIDE we Discover Many New Empowering Miracles

Having learnt from and admired the many challenges that were overcome, that allowed them to be successful and were choosing to live their lives more fulfilling and happy.

After many years of experiencing and attending lots of different Health practitioners, Personal Growth and Development Seminars, Practitioner Certifications, Trainings, and workshops for their own self enhancement, Lorna developed her own business in Therapy, coaching, and trainings.

Lorna had been very successful in businesses for many years, having her own Beauty Therapy business for over 20 years, 14 years in Melbourne. Lorna has been training others in her workshops and seminars, as well as having her own Personal Therapy and Coaching practice for over 10 years. Working with Businesses, Corporations, Adults, Children, Business, Relationships, Abuse, Addictions and Behavioural Problems, as well as facilitating her own weekend seminars, workshops, and facilitating corporate presentations.

Make Changes That Will Make The Difference

We are now offering Internationally Accredited certified Neurosemantics NLP Trainings.
Individually designed trainings for your workplace needs, and weekend Personal workshops.

THE KEY TO DESIGNING YOUR DESTINY™ is a seminar, of self discovery for adults and children, Lorna has been presenting these for the last ten years every 6-8 weeks in Melbourne and now in Brisbane. This year she has been facilitating the Letting Go and Expressing Yourself Freely, Mastering Stuttering and Blocking workshops, on a regular basis, supporting all of those that have dysfluency, incorporating techniques that have been proven to help some gain complete fluency. Lorna's husband Jon was a stutterer from the ages of 7 till he was 40, when he became 100% fluent working with the same techniques used in the workshop, he is now, and has been fluent for over 15 years.

Many participants travel from interstate, to attend and get the results that their clients, colleagues, acquaintances, friends or family had achieved from attending one of Lorna's seminars, workshops, Corporate presentation, or from a private therapy or coaching session.

Lorna presents these workshops and seminars regularly. Personal clients are seen only by prior appointment at Wakerley, 15 minutes East of the Brisbane CBD in Queensland. For a personal consultation phone 1300 306 803, leaving a message for a return call if she is busy with a client.

Having completed training with John Kehoe of Mind Power in 1992, Lorna, and her husband Jon started a journey of trainings with many different recognised international trainers, in Australia and overseas. Learning and experiencing many wonderful techniques and processes of self development, using NLP, Time Lining, Hypnotherapy, Meta States, EFT and Life Coaching techniques, discovering and the many wonders of the what we can achieve with our 'Mind-Body' connections. Lorna is now Training, Coaching and inspiring others how to easily achieve results, use the techniques and processes that helped them to achieve their outcomes.
After completing many years of trainings, with many different trainers, using many varied modalities which covered NLP; (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Advanced Communication skills; Time Line Therapy™; Clinical Hypnotherapy; Self Hypnosis; Intensive Personal Evolution programme; Neurosemantics -Meta Programming; Meta Sates; Meta States Coaching; Mastering Stuttering Workshop; Personal Transformational and Executive Coaching; Self Coaching and Healing processes; Feng Shui; EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques); Clearing Your Clutter; Space Clearing; Tarot Meditations; Alpha Dynamics; Mega Memory; Business Profitability; as well as participating in many Personal; Corporate and Business Trainings & Courses.

The Trainers and Authors that have had the most impact on their journey to self fulfillment have been John Kehoe, Tad James, Michael Hall & Bobby Bodenhammer (Neuro Semantics), Dr Christopher Morris on, Dr Chris Howard, David Sheppard,Sue Knight, Dr John Tickell, Stephen Covey, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dwyer, Lousie Hay, Anthony Robbins, Allan Pearse, Toni Carmine Salerno, Dale Carnegie, Tom Carroll, Susan Jeffers, Gary Craig as well as many others. Lorna is looking forward to completing a training this October in Italy, with one trainer she has been inspired by for many years, Shelle Rose Charvet from Success Strategies usiong the Lab Profile.

Lorna is now training, Coaching, presenting seminars, workshops, and corporate presentations, inspiring others to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in their own lives, showing them how easily they can too achieve the same results, using the techniques and processes that helped them to achieve their success.

Lorna will ASSIST YOU 100% in achieving THE RESULTS YOU DESIRE

Lorna is also a Image, Colour & Style consultant - Have your Colour and Style consultation now.
Look and Feel Good Every Day knowing that you are wearing the colours that Enhance your Natural Beauty.
Learn which style flatters YOUR figure no matter your shape or size

Participate in a specifically designed training for you particular needs
Attend a weekend seminar or Workshop
Enjoy a Personal Private Consultation
Committ to an Internationally Accredited Neurosemantics NLP Trainings

Weekend Personal Transformation and Self Awareness Discovery Seminars
Personal & Relationship Transformational Counselling, Coaching and Therapy
Better Business Strategies creating successful career solutions

5 Day Workshop (Pre study required for this 5 Day workshop)

Personal Transformational Coaching Programs,
Self Transformation Therapy & Performance Enhancement

Phone Consultations (Credit Card only)
Consultations via Email (Credit Card Only)

Workshops available:

Behavourial Changes - Stop Smoking, Gain Slimness, Overcome Anger, Let Go of Resentment
Relationship Rescue - Rebuilding Respect, Rapport and Responsibility
Building Rewarding Relationships that last
Overcoming Guilt -
Let Go of the Past, Learn to Live now
Autopsy of All Past relationships -
Let Go of that which are contaminating your relationship now
Build Respect in Your Relationship
Create A Loving family Environment
Overcome Your family Abuse - Taking control of your choices
My Kids becoming Confident - Building Self Esteem
Teaching from the Inside Out - Beginning within
Learning Strategies for School Students - Study, spell and Learn successfully
How Can I get my Kids to Listen
Phonomenal Parenting Techniques
Overcoming being Ignored by your Partner
Take Control of the way you are Living your Life
Personal Communication Skills
Executive Coaching Programs
Executive & Business Communication Skills
Dissolve the Disappointment of Divorce
Defeating the Dragons of Depression
Clearing Your Clutter

Gain Confidence & Self Esteem, Learn powerful Communication Skills, Gain Emotional Fitness


Tarot Meditation workshops
Feng Shui - Cleaning Out Your Clutter
Astrology Charts/interpretation reports