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Lorna Bukkland-Vitetta


  • Certified Trainer/ Workplace Assessor (Certificate 1V, University Victoria in 1998)
  • Certificate 1V Business
  • LAB PROFILE certified Trainer

  • NLP Trainer - NeuroSemantics (NSTT)
  • Master Practitioner NLP
    (NLP Association of America)
  • Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy™ (Time Line Therapy™ Assoc of America)br><
  • Hypnotherapist (ABH)
  • Certified Trainer Meta States™
  • Certified Meta States™Coach (ACMC)
  • Business Success Coach
    (20 Years Experience)
  • Colour & Style Consultant
    Neethling Brain Institute
    Licensed Practitioner
Jon Vitetta


  • Mechanical Engineer,
    Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Master Practitioner NLP (ABNLP)
  • Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy™ (TLTA)
  • Master Hypnotist (ABH)
  • Certified Practitioner of Meta States™
  • Certified Meta States™ Coach (ACMC)
  • Management Coach

Lorna began working with NLP because of the journey that she was on, read her compelling personal victory over defeating cervical cancer 27 yrs ago............
. read her personal journey

Lorna is an Internationally accredited Trainer of NLP
, and Neurosemantics, incorporating Time Line Therapy®, Hypnosis, and Whole Brain Thinking®. Her expertise in human behaviour, her working knowledge of the advanced communication skills of NLP and neurosemantics, and how to easily incorporate the Whole Brain Thinking® means Lorna facilitates a process that enables you to get the excellent result you want quickly and with less effort.

Lorna was the first certified trainer in Australia of the LAB - Words that Change Minds,
Mastering the Language of Influence that will teach you how to identify the motivation and
working traits of yourself and your employees for retaining longer lasting employees, more dedictaed and loyal team within the workplace.

Lorna received her NLP, Time Line Therapy® and Hypnosis certifications through Dr Tad James - a leader in the field of NLP, and the creator of Time Line Therapy®. Her Neurosemantics qualifications, from Dr.L.Michael Hall and Dr Bobby.G.Bodenhamer the co founders of Neurosemantics.The LAB Certification was with Shelle Rose Charvet, The Meta Coaching certification was with the Meta Coaching Foundation – Neurosemantics – Dr L. Michael Hall and Michelle Duval. Whole Brain Thinking® qualifications were from Ken Wall – The Thinking Network.
and Kobus Neethling, Hypnotherapy was with Tad James, Dr Wayne Morrison, Alpha Training, Dr John Gray,

Lorna has also trained with John Kehoe of Mind Power, Sue Knight in Coaching and Modelling,
Dr Christopher Morrison- Advanced Hypnotherapy, Chris Howard - NLP, Alpha Institute, Dr John Gray,
John Tickel, and in EFT, Mind Mapping, NBI, Fish.

Lorna received her Certificate 1V Trainers and workplace Assessors certifications from the University of Melbourne, and her Certificate 1V in Business from Qld University.

Lorna has been a certified Colour and Style Image consultant having had her own business in Beauty Therapy and Image consulting for over 25 years in country Victoria and Melbourne, before moving in 2002 to Brisbane, Qld.

Lorna is a dynamic and vivacious presenter and she prides herself on approaching others in a down to earth, yet professional manner. Lorna has successfully worked with people from all levels within organisations, Small - Medium Business, Large Corporate, and with Manufacturers. Lorna develops and facilitates customised training workshops for the Corporate sector, SME, Teachers, Therapists, Adult Learning, Children, People who stutter, children with learning difficulties, and in general people of all ages who want to develop certain areas of their life to achieve life and/or work balance.

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